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January 9, 2013, 1:34

The cruise is very good. In fact, now this remodeled and added slides and water play area for children. When we travel without. In short, the difference between the three-day cruise and 4 days is pretty one sleeps the night in the port of Nassau. Most Carnival cruises are in English, but among the crew are Spanish speaking people and give good tips.

As for fun no one gets bored. There is something for everyone. The rooms are not very big, and to consider the path of the boat as it is no more than 4 days.

The hiking is better to buy down, are cheaper. In Freeport must pay a bus to get to know Port Lucaya. They charge like $ 15 per person, as this somewhat distant. In Nassau for Atlantis must be paid from the boat. When we went with my wife on the first occasion, we entered the hotel without any problems and we met almost entirely. Now that just returned not let us know all the areas. Can enter the casino and some areas and do not charge admission.

The public beach is very nice and can access it either by foot or by bus.

To go to Paradise Island you can go by bus ($ 7.00) or boat (7.00 USD). In my opinion it is better to walk.

I hope this info is useful.

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