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Italienische Küche bei Costa Kreuzfahrten The fleet of Costa Cruises

The Italian cruise line Costa Cruises 2013 is already turned 65 years young and yet so vibrant as ever in its history. Since 2000, Costa Cruises is the market leader Carnival Cruise Lines. With this strong partner in the back, the company invested in recent years, billions in new cruise ships. By 2012 the Costa fleet will consist of 14 ships, all flying the Italian flag. Especially families with children and couples of all ages feel comfortable on board. Costa Cruises is mainly in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, at home in the Caribbean, South America, Dubai and the Far East.Balkonkabine But also a Costa World Travel today there again. Here you can book Costa Cruises .

The fleet of Costa Cruises

The cruise ships in the fleet of Costa Cruises combine comfort, elegance and pleasure with the incomparable Italian way of life. Each cruise ship in the fleet of Costa Cruises is dedicated to a specific topic. Unique works of art, paintings and statues and sculptures tell of wonderful stories and reflect impressively against the topic. That you feel comfortable on board, the cruise line is very important.Die Show im Theater Because the cruise ship is the first destination and the home on a cruise.

All cruise ships fly the Italian flag and operate in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean, South America, the Arabian Gulf, located in the Far East and the Indian Ocean. For several years, Costa Cruises belongs to the American Carnival Corporation. Since then (and still are) billion invested in the expansion of the fleet. In principle one can share the impressive fleet into two parts. First, there are the older cruise ships, which were put into service before the turn of the millennium and on the other the mega liners that have emerged since the introduction of Carnival Corporation.Pool Costa Fortuna Something falls out of line, the small but beautiful Costa Voyager. This was not built the only cruise ship in the fleet specially for Costa Cruises.

The sister ships Costa Classica and Costa Romantica marked the beginning of the year 1990 started the company Costa Cruises to the modern cruise. It was the first specifically designed and built for cruising ships of the Costa family business. The Costa Romantica was for 90 million euros completely rebuilt in late 2011 / early 2012 and umgebenannt in Costa neoRomantica. Completed in 1996, the Costa Victoria's youngest and largest cruise ship of this era. If the Bremer Vulkan not gone bankrupt, they would still get a sister. All cruise ships of that era are distinguished by a tasteful design and bright, Mediterranean colors.

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