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8 March 2011 By Editor

Miami Cruise Port At the age of ocean travel, the age of air followed ... the ocean giants were no longer the primary means of long-distance transport of people. But in the 70 years the cruise industry reinvented. Florida and the Bahamas had a significant role in ensuring that the cruise industry thrives once more today.

After the Los Angeles-based Princess Cruises began to launch with great success cruises to the Caribbean and TV series such as "The Love Boat" cruise through the image of the sweet tropical climes cemented, originated in Miami, Carnival Cruise Line and the (originally in Founded in Norway) Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Carnival was a pioneer in short, relatively cheap cruises, mainly to the Bahamas, which lie close to the southern tip of Florida and is from Miami so to reach in a day of sailing. Royal Caribbean moved with ever larger ships, more and more customers, and was also the first company which leased a "private island" in the Bahamas for their customers - Coco Key. This concept has since been copied, as well as Disney Cruise Lines has become its own island Bahamas.

The success continued. Today, Miami is the largest cruise port in the world. Between 1 October 2009 and 30 September 2010 4'145'053 passengers were embarked in Miami, this is the third consecutive time, a world record. Contributed to this success include the new Caribbean cruises on Norwegian Epic from Miami.

One end of growth is not initially visible. For the cruise season 2010/2011 two more mega-liners were stationed in Miami, the "Celebrity Eclipse" (Solstice class) and the "Marina", the newest ship of Oceania Cruises. These crosses this year, Costa Cruises, after several years of absence from Miami for the first time.

The "Cruise Capital of the World" is a blessing for the Bahamas. 60% of the gross domestic product of the Bahamas come from tourism, which consists almost exclusively of cruise customers. By comparison, the banking sector makes in the tax haven only 15% of GDP. Nassau is now the largest by passenger traffic cruise port in the Caribbean. As long as Cuba does not open the U.S., this will remain so.

- Jean-Claude Raemy -

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