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Carnival Breeze Cruise Review by Jim Zim

Carnival the largest cruise company's "Carnival Dream Number" (Carnival Dream) mechanical failure, once a port in the Caribbean stranded passengers stranded during the complaints to the media, referring to the ship's toilets malfunction, waste water mixed with urine flow a place is very dirty, but the shipping companies are not allowed to disembark passengers. Can not continue to sail on a cruise in the case, 5, 600 passengers transferred to the Caribbean island by plane to the terminal USA Florida. This is the Carnival Corporation 2nd month cruise incidents. A month ago, company flags download more than 4, 200 passengers and crew have a "Carnival Triumph Number" (Carnival Triumph) cruise ship fire, resulting in the Gulf of Mexico lost power, drifting for a few days, so that the original happy cruise holidays, reduced Inferno. At that time "Triumph Number" under the water and electricity, sewage overflows from the toilet, carpet full of urine and faeces infiltration, stink to high heaven; passengers queuing for hours only for sandwiches to eat. Towed back to shore until the cruise, passengers nightmare lasted five days before it was over. "Dreamliner" passenger refers to this situation and the "Triumph Number" last case almost as well as toilet sewage overflow of urine and faeces. "Dreamliner" contains 5, 600 passengers and crew on Saturday from Florida Port Canaveral departure for 7 days at sea trip. Wednesday drove 加勒比海圣马滕 Island Philip Myers harbor moored after mechanical failure, unable to open the line, so to passengers stranded.

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Carnival is best but......

This "tipping ship" is a reminder of what can go wrong.
1. Let us not forget the cruise line with the stalled engine recently that kept patrons stuck at sea for days with backed up plumbing. Gross!
2. Let's not forget the 2 disney cruise lines that EVERYONE got food poisoning.
3. Let's not forget the MULTIPLE ships with passengers that come up missing.
These travel packages are cheap for a reason. Travel at your own risk.

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