Best Carnival Cruise Ships 2013

On June 18, 2013, the Port of Lisbon received a different visitor, besides AIDAvita, which has escalated in the Portuguese capital weekly itineraries in the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula, and the ships of Portuscale in revitalization, was in the historic city Carnival Legend, Carnival Cruise Line. The ship, which usually travels exclusively by the Caribbean, made his positional range during cruise to Northern Europe.

The operation, unusual for the Carnival, was encouraged by the uncertainty facing the U.S. market at the time of last year, and part of its strategy to diversify its passengers, expanding their markets in the English language, basing it in England. Carnival has announced, however, that he will not perform these scripts in 2014, when the same reposition Legend to Australia, where the company will make its twin Carnival Spirit, which currently conducts cruises year-round in the country of Oceania.

Remain in port also three old ships that belonged to Inter-national Classic Cruises, which are now part of the new Portuguese company Portuscale Cruises. Two of them, Funchal and Porto (former Arion) undergo major changes, return to navigate this year, while the third, Princess Danae, awaiting their turn to enter the dry dock-yard Naval Rock, and be transformed in Lisbon, so maybe renovated, find someone who has an interest in chartering it.

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2006-01-26 05:52:34 by shellyfronk

Choose royal caribbean or princess

For good prices and good service. 7-8 days would be best. we've been on 4 cruises and really don't care for carnival...service is not up to par and food doesn't compare to rc or princess. pick one that does not include belieze.
depending on when you go...if it is winter, don't pick bahamas. try to go out of ft lauderdale or puerto rico. some cruises stop someplace almost everyday, but know that you will be rushed to get off the boat if you want to see everything. we prefer 3-4 stops ourselves. don't go out of new york, waters are much rougher. also, pacific waters are a bit rougher (like the cruises that go from san diego) than going out from fla or pr

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