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Because the cruise lines are not equipped with emergency medical facilities for older, have established very strict policies regarding women traveling while pregnant, and guests traveling with babies. Each shipping requires women who are pregnant present a medical certificate (via fax prior to the departure of the ship, or ship), stating that in a state of good health, they are fit to travel and that the pregnancy is not at risk. The medical certificate must include the expected date of birth. Normally required medical certificate for babies to travel, but each shipping company has minimum age requirements. The child's age is reconfirmed at check addressed in the spring. The minimum age varies depending on the cruise line and itinerary. Always tell your Vacations To Go specialist if you plan on traveling with infants or during pregnancy status to ensure compliance with the request of the cruise you selected, ensuring a pleasant trip.

Since the duration of a cruise can be more than 7 days, the following guide is based on the date of the end of the journey and not the date of address for women who are pregnant. For babies is the start date of the trip.

American Cruise Lines

Pregnant Women: There are no restrictions, you can address women in any period of pregnancy.

Infants: Minimum age is one month.

Azamara Club Cruises

Pregnant Women: Permitted to board the ship if it does not exceed 23 weeks of gestation at the end of the cruise or cruise tour. Medical certificate must be faxed to: Access Department (800-882-8292) for women in any period of pregnancy.

Babies: They can address with babies 6 months old at least in the date of the start of the cruise or cruise tour. However, transatlantic or transpacific cruises and cruise / tour infants must have at least 12 months to departure. In any cruise 3 days or more at sea, the minimum age to travel is (12) twelve months.

Blount Small Ship Adventures

Pregnant Women: There are no restrictions, you can address women in any period of pregnancy.

Children: Minimum age is 14 years.

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2008-11-06 09:10:35 by TravelLisa

Depending on your age you may not be able to

Most cruise lines have age restrictions where as an adult over the age of 21 must accompany in cabin.
If you are accompanied by an adult, your parents can give written permission (by Notary) to the person who will be 21 in cabin with you to authorize liquer if cruise line permits. NCL does..not sure about Carnival.
CHECK THE AGE RESTRICTIONS FIRST before booking anything, because if you dont and you screw up, you may have penalties involved with refund.

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    Jul 02, 2009 by EMurr83 | Posted in Cruise Travel

    The website says you must have your Carnival Cruise Luggage Tag on your bag before you arrive but it is not available on the site.

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