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[Intelligence] World Hotel Duchess of Cambridge to Princess Cruises new ship naming ceremony was held naming throwing bottles

(2013/06/19 Yahoo! Yahoo! Travel Weng Jianwei)

His Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge in the United Kingdom set sail from Southampton gala celebration for Princess Cruises (Princess Cruises) new ship named "Princess Royal (Royal Princess)",and the champagne bottles thrown bow,declaring Princess Royal officially opened Hang. Princess Cruises is an international cruise tourism company with an innovative design famous 17 modern cruise ships,catering,entertainment and leisure facilities and other aspects of excellent customer service. Reside in the global cruise industry leading brands under the Carnival Cruises Princess Cruises Group (Carnival Corporation & plc),an annual passenger volume of 1.4 million people,providing 7-107 days exchanges around the world cruise itinerary.

The celebration includes glitzy sail entertainment,combining traditional and modern elements sailing,presenting the newest member of Princess Cruises' innovative spirit.Throwing bottles at the exciting ceremony,held on the shore of a more grand celebration,a series of musical performances which made the 2, 000 invited guests amazed.
Internationally renowned percussion orchestra Mass Ensemble String length over 1000 feet in the "longest stringed instruments" playing songs .Organized by the Royal Marines Band and Irish bagpipe performances Praetorian uncover British ship named the traditional celebration of the prologue,by Bishop of Winchester Tim Dakin priest traditional blessing ceremony for new ships will sail week celebration into the climax.
At the Royal Princess Captain Tony Draper,accompanied by the Duchess of Cambridge announced at the ceremony: "I will ship named" Royal Princess "God bless her,and all the crew sail safely." Duchess of Cambridge,cut the ropes,Moet & Chandon champagne bottle thrown the bow,the Princess Royal officially welcomed to join the world's largest international cruise ships - Princess Cruises.

New ship named after thousands of years of seafaring traditions.Although the different ethnic and cultural rituals ship set sail their own characteristics,but these same ritual conception: announced the official sail ship and its passengers and crew as the ship set sail peace pray.
Select godmother for the new ship is the most important part of the ceremony.In the mid-19th century,women served as prominent new ship named godmother gradually become the seafaring traditions.Godmother is the patron saint of ships at sea,but also the symbol of the spirit ship.Princess Cruises have invited many remarkable women at its cruise ship godmother,including Princess Diana (in 1984 she headed the Royal Princess ship named),former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher,actress Audrey Hepburn,Sophia Loren and Li Wei Xia Huilan.Today,the Duchess of Cambridge's name will also be included in Princess Cruises history.
Royal Princess and announced at a gala dinner for the Duchess of Cambridge established orphanage in East Anglia (East Angelia's Children's Hospices),set up by Prince William SkillForce charitable foundation set up by Prince Harry WellChild charity Foundation funded three charities.
Royal Princess maiden voyage from June 16 to Barcelona,​​Spain,the Mediterranean this summer with luxury cruise travel,and in early autumn launched the Eastern Caribbean itinerary.
For more information,please visit the official website: / royalnaming
Photo courtesy: Princess Cruises

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Cruise ships are nasty

Cruise ships are an ideal breeding ground for germs: thousands of people in close proximity, eating food made in the same kitchen, inhabiting enclosed spaces that just a few days before housed someone else. In December 2002, the norovirus made waves in the media after a series of outbreaks on Holland America, Disney and Carnival lines, in which hundreds of passengers were infected.

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