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Une passagère a assuré à CNN que les 1 086 membres de l'équipage avaient fait le maximum pour pallier le manque de confort à bord. | The World | • Updated

This is singing Sweet Home Alabama that passengers of the ship Carnival Triumph welcomed their trailer landing in the port of Mobile.Their ordeal ended Thursday night when the ship 272 meters long with onboard 4229 people was damaged in the Gulf of Mexico since Sunday.

Party February 7 Texas,the ship had to return Sunday when a fire broke out in the engine room,leaving him without electricity.Electrical problems had hit the ship a few weeks ago,but the company Carnival assured they had no connection with the fire.

The dream cruise passenger is then transformed into test.Passengers were forced to queue for hours to see distribute some sandwiches,and they had to defecate in plastic bags. "The conditions are terrible, " said NBC News Jamie Baker,a Texas temporary. " There is a big health problem,and I do you not talking about the smell. "In his account,the traveler spoke ordnance pipes,clogged toilets and dirty water seeped into the cabin.Des passagères débarquent sur le port de Mobile en Alabama,jeudi soir.

"It could have been a disaster,railed another passenger. They were lucky we did not end up burned alive,because no alarm is triggered. They sent us to bed so that it was on fire. "


On the images of television,helicopters filming passengers waving sheets on which one couldthe words "SOS" or "Help" ("At the aid ").Another passenger,Julie Morgan,has assured that the 1086 CNN crew had made ​​every effort to overcome the lack of comfort on board.

A flotilla of tugs towed the imposing building up dock.Some passengers will then make the return trip to Texas and other destinations by bus or car.U.S. Customs agents had already boarded the boat to try to speed up procedures.

The company has already announced that it would repay in full all passengers and freight to return to Texas.She canceled the next scheduled cruise on the Carnival Triumph and said that would not leave the ship at sea before mid-April. The Costa Concordia,which sank near the island of Giglio in Italy on January 13,2012,had 32 deaths,was also chartered by a subsidiary of the Carnival group.

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Go with Royal Caribbean or Norwegian

I've been on both Carnival and RC and RC is definitely the more grown up version of cruise ships. Things are just more elegant, geared towards the adult crowd.
As for planning, you should look a few months in advance at your options, and pay close attention to the destinations and the time you are in port. If you are planning on being off the ship when in port, you want to find places where you will be docked for the longest time, and generally later in the evening so you have more time and don't have to wake up at 7am to be ready. Once you find the cruise you want, start looking at the excursions available, and maybe even look into those excursions that the ship doesn't sponsor but you can find in that port

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