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1 There may be risks but does not occur wreck

Recent cruise industry is a tough day. First, in January 2012 the U.S. Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival Corporation)'s Costa Concordia (Costa Concordia) ran aground on the Italian coast section sank, killing 32 people were killed, hit the company's image.

Secondly, in February this year, Carnival Triumph number (Carnival Triumph) lost power due to engine fire, four days drifting in the Gulf of Mexico, although no casualties, but thousands of travelers stranded at sea, no water flushing toilet stench travelers Sheets on the deck with a temporary tent erected. Later the company announced it would spend the next three years $ 300 million to improve fire safety and redundancy cruise power equipment.

Then late last month, the United States Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (Royal Caribbean Cruises) Ocean's Wealthy numbers (Grandeur of the Seas) in the waters near the Bahamas fire incident occurred, but fortunately did not lose momentum cruise on board more than 3, 000 per capita unharmed.

Although these unexpected events on the cruise industry is a bitter blow, but in the long run, it is still optimistic about the prospects. Because cruise could people away from the hubbub, is extremely popular way to spend holidays. It has many advantages, such as: Cruise includes all accommodation costs, you do not need to prepare for trip planning; can visit many cities, the cost is relatively cheaper than their travel; addition, when the ship set sail departures in whistles shore people waved goodbye, people really have a holiday feeling.

According to the International Cruise Association (Cruise Lines International Association) latest statistics show that in 2011, 16 million people take cruises in the past 10 years to grow 1 times.

(2) may not be seasick stomach upset

In March this year, the Royal Caribbean cruise company's Vision of the Seas (Vision of the Seas) on board 108 people infected with the outbreak of norovirus. This virus can cause stomach or intestinal inflammation, also known as acute gastroenteritis, symptoms include stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said enclosed cabin and passenger mobility is particularly vulnerable to the cruise ship virus outbreak. In 2012 the center received a total of 16 events from the cruise ship outbreaks, higher than 2011's 14 cases. As long as the ship has 2% of people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, it must be informed.

International Cruise Association, said in an outbreak, when 3, 700 visitors have an infection, chances are minimal. However, the number of last year aboard the cruise about 1, 030 people, it means that about 2, 800 passengers infected with the virus.

3 are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board

Some small luxury cruise ship, like Regent Seven Seas Cruises (Regent Seven Seas), Xi Bao cruise (Seabourn Cruises), Crystal Cruises (Chrystal Cruises), etc., already has a bar, alcoholic beverages have a great opportunity for them, because Most of the cruise fare has been part of the food and non-alcoholic beverages costs included, so they rely on selling alcoholic beverages to earn extra profits, according to Cruise Reviews (Cruise Critic) Site 2011 survey results, More than a quarter of respondents said that they each spend time aboard a cruise vacation is usually costs more than $ 200 on alcoholic beverages.

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Cruise websites

Try the following websites:
this is a great site for finding bargain cruises and last minute deals.
In fact, there's a 7 day roundtrip cruise to Mexico from SF on Celebrity's Mercury ship on 3/21/04 starting from $517.00 for an inside cabin (this includes port charges).
site is for cruise fanatics. You can get cruise reviews of ships and a whole lot more!
If you are looking for a younger crowd Royal Caribbean is good, so is Celebrity.
Princess & Crystal Cruiselines are more sophisticated and for older clientele and more expensive

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