Best part of Carnival Cruise


Carnival Cruise Lines will let you experience the experience of cruising in 23 fantastic floating holiday resorts sail from 21 ports to 50 different routes output. Embark on your dream vacation to the Caribbean with the greatest and yet young fleet of cruisers, let be the Mexican Riviera, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, the Mediterranean Sea or to the New England autumn. Whichever route you choose, and wherever you are the dream destination ... Carnival Cruise Lines is the symbol of pure fun and above all the joy you feel on a cruise, you give away a special holiday memories and unforgettable.

The Carnival's newest ship, Carnival Magic, will make its maiden voyage in May 2011 and set sail for the Mediterranean. Not only is considered the newest ship and larger, but also is considered worldwide as the most innovative boat of this type. As in the other ships in the fleet, Carnival Cruise Lines also provides in this case the maximum possible comfort and huge possibilities on board ... beginning with the election of the cabin, through the wide range of daytime and evening activities or relaxation offers up a host of cuisine.
Aside from the endless possibilities to shape their days at sea, the ships also impress with its international atmosphere, its elegant design and modern furnishings, the ample space and not least, for their first class friendly service, specializing in so that you feel completely at ease and you are completely satisfied.

The concept of Carnival takes into account the average age of passengers, ranging around 45 years and is the result of that in the Carnival Cruise Lines cruise families are as welcome as couples and individual travelers. There is something for everyone.

Imagine a brash and carefree atmosphere, where it will be a pleasure to design their own vacation onboard as individual ideas. This will be available excellent restaurants with international cuisine 24 hours a day, clubs, nightclubs and lounges bar and casinos, theaters and spectacular shows. You can also participate in karaoke parties or dance classes. If you prefer to unwind, visit the spacious Wellness & Spa area with Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna, as well as chosen vessels Serenity area - quiet area for adults only. Also find tranquility in the onboard library.
Instead, who likes the activity, you can use the fitness center, you can make your route for jogging track, table tennis and mini golf. Not to mention the poolside entertainment. For younger guests club exclusively rewarded "Camp Carnival" with a fun program designed for young passengers on board. Young people from the age of 12 find programs that suit their age in the "Circle C" or from 15 years in the "Club O2". Both for kids and for large - there is also the large number of shore excursions, during travel to provide the ability to capture many impressions of the most diverse corners of the world and have great experiences.

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