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by Jesus G.

medida que mi afición por las vacaciones en crucero fue en aumento fui buscando la manera de encontrar el mejor crucero al mejor precio y poder sacarle el máximo partido a mi presupuesto. As my love of cruise vacations on the rise I was looking for ways to find the best cruise at the best price and to get the most out of my budget. Discovered with astonishment that we can bring major cruises really cheap prices. In this way so I spent on a single cruise learned to find ways to make 3 or 4 in the same year.

Unlike the airline industry, on cruise ships, there are no low cost airlines "low cost" type Ryanair, and not too many cruise companies used to doing deals as global demand, even in times of economic crisis, continuous increase.

In my experience the best digger I could cruise search split into 3 main areas:

1st2 º3rd

In order to help you find the best cruise deals'm going to show my tricks cruise addict.

How to find the best cruise at the best price

1. - Cruise companies with more ships.

Cruise travel has become popular in recent years, and that is why the different shipping companies are betting heavily and increasing the supply of ships and opening new routes. This makes the parking of boats and vessels that grow once were flag of modernity have become beens still in use and large renovations and adaptations. . In these boats built before the "boom of 2000" still provide a high level of quality but must compete with their spectacular new brothers. That is why we are offered at better prices to make them more attractive. These same offers promoting them can be found on the Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity Cruises and more recently in Costa Cruises and MSC.

Two. - The most economical routes.

If you are looking for the best cruise, best prices and best value cruise offer must have an eye for the itineraries. Presenting Being the best offers short cruises or "mini cruises" and those include being longer lasting several days nonstop navigation.

  • According to the itinerary can find 3 types of cruises:
- Weekend Cruises:

Although not yet widely used in Europe. It is a classic in American cruisers. Cruises 2-3 days where the ship and the itinerary is important. Even there is no destination cruise mode, ie where not really know where you're going, just get away from the coast.

- Cruise of 3-4 nights:

Here we can find a combination where to locate great deals and amazing prices "last minute", if we cruise 3-4 nights in the great old boats cruise companies.

- Replacement Cruises:

Where I found a greater number of large cruise ships at prices really amazing. Cruises is possible to find a cost between 30 and 55 euros per person / day which means about impossible to find prices on other routes. Basically reruns are cruise travel one way, as the boats are moving from one region to another and cruise should make these trips regardless of whether carrying passengers or not. Obviously shippers prefer to maximize each day of sailing boats and make such great deals for cruise travel. It's a great way to cruise liners.

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