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1972 年成立,總部設在邁阿密,旗下擁有 18 艘世界級豪華遊輪,航線廣布巴哈馬、加勒比海、墨西哥渡假區、巴拿馬運河、阿拉斯加、夏威夷、百慕達及加拿大等世界最美的海域,其精挑細選的遊覽景點,一流的美食及住宿服務,完善的休閒設施,以及多采多姿的活動節目,船上永遠洋溢著歡笑喜悅的氣氛,在遊輪界以「 FUN SHIPS 」著稱。 Carnival Cruise Lines was founded in 1972 and headquartered in Miami, owns 18 world-class luxury cruise ships, routes wide Bubba Hama, Caribbean, Mexico resort area, the Panama Canal, Alaska, Hawaii, Bermuda and Canada the world's most beautiful waters, and its carefully selected tour attractions, excellent cuisine and accommodation services, improve recreational facilities, as well as colorful activity program, the ship is always joyous atmosphere of joy in the cruise industry with "FUN SHIPS" known .

以歡樂為主題的遊輪,娛樂活動不可勝數,除了基本的網球、高爾夫球…,夜晚更安排夜總會現場歌舞表演, DISCO 跳舞或者酒吧小酌兩杯;此外嘉年華遊輪系列大多數設有賭場可以一試手氣,讓船上的夜晚豐富又有無窮樂趣。 Carnival Cruise Lines is a cruise to the theme of joy, countless recreational activities, in addition to basic tennis, golf ..., night club scene also arranged cabaret, DISCO dance or bar drink two glasses; Also Carnival Cruise Series majority located a casino can try their luck, so the ship's rich have fun at night. And the choice of cabin cabin or luxurious suites, cabin attendants can get the careful service, cruise ships also Chinese menu, Chinese daily activity sheet, travelers can also cruise comfortably into life.

(About Carnival Cruise) About Carnival Cruise (About Carnival Cruise)

, 乘客的年齡層比較年輕 , 以大學生 , 年輕人和有小孩的家庭為主 . 因為客戶年齡層輕 , 又有很多小家庭 , 船上的活動比較活潑 , 也比較吵鬧 , 嘉年華的活動比其他以中老年人為主的輪船有趣很多。 Carnival Cruise Lines is a relatively cheap cruises, passengers relatively young age, college students, young people and families with children mainly because customers ages lighter, there are a lot of small families, the ship's activities more lively, but also relatively noisy , carnival activities mainly in the elderly than in other interesting lot of ships.

About the boat

, 每艘遊輪又依照他們建造的架構分為不同的等級 . Ecstasy 是屬於 fantasy 一級的船 , 在整個嘉年華的船隊裡是屬於比較老 , 比較小的船 . 走的是少於一星期 , 且比較便宜的路線 . 但是從離家不遠的港口星期四下午出發 , 星期一早上回家 , 其實是很適合想要儘量減少請假天數的人。 Carnival's fleet currently has about twenty-six in cruise ships, cruise ships and in accordance with each of them built architecture is divided into different grades. Ecstasy belongs fantasy a ship, where the entire Carnival fleet is a relatively old, relatively small ship. taking less than one week, and relatively inexpensive route, but not far from the home port Thursday afternoon starting Monday morning to go home, in fact, it is appropriate to want to minimize the number of people who leave days.

Most of the passengers Carnival Cruise Activities Camp Carnival for families

家庭為主 , 特別是學校放假的時候。 Are family-oriented, especially when the school holidays. , 這裡的老師是不錯的 , 頗冨愛心 , 亦很親切 , 都是來自較窮的英語系國家的年輕母親。 Child's nursery ship into many ages, where the teacher is good, quite Tomita love, but also very kind, are from English-speaking countries poorer young mothers. 托兒所並非全天制 , 早上開放三 - 四個小時 , 中午 12 點到兩點服務關閉 , 該段時間家長可以帶孩子在托兒所內玩玩具 , 下午兩點以後服務再開放 , 一直到晚上十點 , 十點以後的服務是計時收費 , 一直到凌晨三點 . 四歲以下的小孩父母會拿到一個呼叫器 , 讓托兒所可以隨時連絡父母。 But not the full-day nursery in the morning and opening up three - four hours, 12 o'clock to two o'clock service shuts down, that period of time parents can play with children in the nursery toys, service re-open after two in the afternoon until ten p.m. , after ten service is the hourly rate, until three o'clock. parents of children under four years old will get a pager so that nurseries can always contact parents. , 就算不送孩子去托兒所 , 親子之間也是有很多活動可做 . 帶著孩子在船上打發時間並不是一件很難的課題 , 泳池裡面永遠都是擠滿了孩子 , 帶孩子玩水 , 只要用看的就好了 . In fact, Carnival's ship, even if do not send their children to nursery school, between parents and children is a lot of activity to do. Took the children to pass the time on the boat is not a difficult task, which is always packed with swimming pool children, children play in the water, as long as the look just fine.

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