2012 Carnival Cruises

fm2_icon_013_這.gif Venetian Mask Festival wanted to experience the idea has been brewing in my mind for several years, each time in order airline hesitated a moment, so that the travel plans have been postponed until this year to implement.01-杜拜塔 This was finally determined to depart, as usual, this trip is still based on self-help basis, backpacking first step, of course, tickets and accommodations start from Hello.02-alitalia


年威尼斯面具嘉年華的期間是 2/11~2/21 共 11 天,我們選在 2/18 出發,剛好可以搭上面具節的尾聲並接上 228 連假,算一算可以少請好幾天假。 2012 Venetian mask carnival period is 2/11 to 2/21 of a total of 11 days, we have chosen 2/18 departure, just to catch the end of the section and attach the mask 228 even false, you can calculate several less please days off. Decided to depart later, can be more than backpacker tickets parity system to find cheap tickets.fm2_icon_018_嫌.gif Because the travel time is not long, this emphasis on North Italy, play the most southern route only to Florence, Milan and out of flight is our best choice.

( 又譯為:阿聯酋聯合航空 /Etihad Airway) 特價機票,雖然轉機的時間有點長,不過似乎可以順道去阿布達比走走,算一算含稅價還不到 3 萬,感覺還不錯。 Just start looking for tickets, it is lucky enough to find meet the needs of Etihad Airways (also translated as: Etihad Airways / Etihad Airway) special fares, although the turnaround time is a bit long, but it seems you can take the opportunity to walk around Abu Dhabi , calculate tax price of less than 30, 000, I feel pretty good.

Probably the trip to be good after the first consulting his boss, the boss although there will, but still hesitated several days consent; hesitate because these days, until I start to order tickets, cheap flights airline seats actually have all sold out and Off the cabin .

( 圖片來源:網路 ) If we follow the original plan aboard Etihad Airways, might have the opportunity to see firsthand the Burj Dubai it (Source: Internet)

37000 以上,光是想到兩個人機票錢就要多花 14000 元,我就忍不住打了退堂鼓。 Although he did not buy a cheap ticket, I was looking hard to find alternative tickets according to the original plan to play, but found the cheapest fares have 37, 000 or more, just think of two people ticket money will spend 14, 000 yuan, I can not but backing out. Boss comforted me a chance anyway next year, or next year and then go next book a ticket, he never again hesitated.

…( 圖片來源:網路 ) Joint venture with China Airlines Alitalia also my consideration list, but a lot more expensive fare really ... (Source: Internet)

11 月左右,我又在背包客棧亂查機票時,突然查到航班時間超讚的芬蘭航空特價機票,讓這趟本來都已經放棄了的旅行又起死回生。 In November last year or so, I was in chaos backpacker check tickets, flight schedules suddenly found awesome Finnair special fares, let this could have given up on the trip came to life. 3000 元,但這可是我很愛的芬蘭航空,多花點錢也是值得的 ( 想我每次去芬蘭訂的票價都是 45000 起跳,多了一段米蘭的航程才賣 33000 ,應該算是超特惠的票價吧 !) 。 While the Special Air ticket fare比阿提哈德expensive 3000 yuan, but but I love Finnish aviation and spend more money's worth (like every time I go to Finland set off fares are 45, 000, more than a voyage of Milan and sold 33, 000, should be regarded as ultra-concessionary fare it!).

This totally did not hesitate to book a ticket, the ticket the next day to see the next set up speedily. But because only Canxing see this page on cheap flights, had to find Canxing book flights. BUT ,不得不說一下,燦星的員工程度真的很差,服務也不是很好,讓我訂票的過程滿是崎嶇。 I have put before booking flights are first check is good, reasonable to say that just set a seat should be easy; BUT, had to say something, Canxing staff level is really bad, the service is not very good, so I ordered The process is full of rugged ticket.

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