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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Additional expenses that are not on advertising but at the end of the cruise are a supplemental spending many passengers unaware.

Many crewmembers need tips to supplement their wages.

There are basically three ways of payment for service personnel for their efforts. Option one is the payment of an amount determined at the end of the trip along with the total bill. In this case not speak directly of a tip, but it is understood as a consequence of the additional costs incurred being a service fee or service charge. The amount it moves between six and twelve € per day per person. The amount depends primarily on the type of cabin and cruise ship itself. Costa and MSC generally require a daily service charge of about seven euros per person, Holland America, Princess Cruises and NCL between ten and twelve dollars per day per person. Occasionally it happens that customers are not satisfied with the service on board, then you can move, among other things, that the fee be reduced or in a few cases it may even be canceled.

Another possibility is to use the all-inclusive trip. On these cruises, share tips, usually already included in the price, but there is the option to pay an extra tip individually. For example, with AIDA additional tips received are divided at the end of the cruise the crew. Carnival Cruise Lines provides a tip of ten dollars for each person required, however, U.S. customers pay an additional tip. In principle also applies to all special services requested by the client so any person requiring special services should add a few euros tip. The same applies to bus drivers and tour guides for shore excursions or staff at the bar, it also must be considered individually on tipping.

As a third option, is recommended tip. In Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Cunard, the waiters can get an extra tip for each guest individually. Through this agreement, the organizers expect a better quality of service as members of the team must make an extra effort to be well paid. Royal Caribbean recommends passengers, a tip of11, 75 per day with Celebrity Cruises and Cunard, the amount is moved between eleven and $ 15 per day.

The gratuity payment is made ​​at the end of the cruise usually in the form of an envelope given by the customer or deducted a certain amount of the account at the end of the cruise.

Updated on Wednesday June 6, 2011

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