Best Carnival Cruises for Teens

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Carnival and the world's largest beverage company - Coca-Cola co-create the ship's most popular attractions-Club O2, where there is a vibrant staff, you can do many fun things, meet many interesting people, and new acquaintances dancing, shouting for the favorite song or to play the game in its mettle.

You are 15 years old to 17 years old vitality youth do? Welcome you to join.

When the moment foot cruise ship, youth club will be one of oxygen, unlike the previous sailing experience. From outdoor activities such as: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, pool parties to dance parties. Each of the activities and competitions are specially designed to allow 15-17 year olds obsessed.

Oxygen Club of daytime activities are planned as very relaxed. Youngsters can talk to their friends watching movies, listening to the latest music, playing games or singing karaoke OK. We even have set up a restricted teen shore excursion tours, so that your home and small adults with his companions can also enjoy the beautiful harbor views.

All activities by the club's activities director oxygen careful planning, adjusted to maintain a fun activity to meet the needs of travelers aged 15-17.

All boats have special arrangements for oxygen club dedicated recreation area. Popular places have these features: comfortable chairs, television, art dance floor, as well as specialized enjoy Coca-Cola products and other non-alcoholic beverages a special area.

Oxygen club activities director's duty is to arouse young people's interest to increase their sense of participation. Each oxygen club events director has their own unique style. They focus on programs to promote and ensure that young people sailing experience unlike previously experienced. They also played a show host, professional actors, as well as the role of DJ.

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