Best Carnival Cruise to Go on

The good, the bad, and the married

It is not surprising that more people are choosing a cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean than anywhere else in the world. After all, who can resist the long pristine, with gentle tropical breezes, the exotic marine life and the warmth of the sun beaches? A Bahamas cruise leads you to a paradise flowing rum that adventurous travelers appreciate for centuries.

If you are an avid golfer, you wish to be spoiled! You will definitely enjoy your cruise to the Bahamas for you to conquer the greens on golf courses world-class with stunning views of the sea, of course, you could also take the time to shop in the duty free shops that rival with the largest cosmopolitan cities of the world! Take time to enjoy a treatment spa treatments at the edge of the sea or stroll along a gorgeous beach to relax for a moment under the stars.

Of course, anyone who speaks of Bahamas cruise speaks bathing tropical waters. Whether you choose to visit the famous habitat Dolphin Cay, dive with friends to explore one of several underwater sites incomparable kayaking over coral reefs housing exotic marine or even to hug a lion life sea, being in the water is a must! You can also feed stingrays or go snorkeling in a fascinating and colorful underwater world, inhabited by exotic creatures.

Follow in the footsteps of the infamous pirates throughout your cruise to the Bahamas! Visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum and immerse yourself in the legendary world of parrots, wooden legs or Blackbeard, or listen to the stories, anecdotes and thrilling pirate adventures at Graycliff Hotel 260 years old. Finally, travelers thirst for adventure can go to visit the Aquarium and Aquaventure Paradise Island. You will find more than 141 acres populated by more than 20, 000 exotic sea creatures, slide 20 meters down the river and the ultimate exhilarating slide through a tunnel surrounded by sharks!

The itinerary of your cruise to the Bahamas may include ports of call as exciting as Nassau and Freeport. Where Nassau is a charming blend of the old world, Freeport is a surprisingly modern and tropical oasis with its many casinos and resorts world-renowned as the best sites for scuba diving in the world! In addition, several cruise lines have islands exclusively for passengers, travelers and have their own private paradise, complete with exquisite dining, exceptional beaches and countless exciting activities!

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