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(Roundup) (Sing Tao Daily reported) Royal Caribbean Cruises luxury cruise company's a Monday morning, heading for the Bahamas on the way a fire, it took about two hours to put out the fire, more than two thousand two hundred passengers on board was panic, eight hundred crew are ready to abandon the ship almost Fortunately, the last saved the day.

Shipping company confirmed the accident cruise is one hundred and eighty meters long (nine hundred and sixteen feet) of the "Ocean Wealthy Number" (Grandeur of the Seas), on Friday from the United States starting in Baltimore, launched a seven-day sea swim. Witnesses said that the third deck first fire of unknown cause. Captain immediate mobilization of the crew, start fire fighting equipment to fight the blaze.

OM Scotia tourists from the United Kingdom on facebook about the incident. When he and his girlfriend sleeping in the room, and suddenly the crew knocked on the door awakened them, that they are ready to escape tools, and stressed is not a drill. OM homes, said he smelled something burning and smoke. Later, he found serious damage to the stern section, there are several layers to be smoked black.

Other passengers said that the situation was very confusing, some people panic crying, they saw the lifeboat crew began to lay down the water and distribute oxygen masks and life jackets to the passengers, appears to be ready to abandon the ship.

Time of the incident, "Ocean Wealthy Number" contained a total of two thousand two hundred twenty-four passengers and seven hundred ninety-six crew. Everyone is safe until after the cruise ship arrived in the Bahamas, was set ashore. Cruise company said, "Ocean Wealthy Number" on most of the public areas, room, power, propulsion systems and communication systems have remained normal.

Shipping companies have decided to cancel the remaining itinerary and arrange to return the aircraft to carry passengers Baltimore, passengers will receive a refund.

Incident reminiscent of last February's Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship "Triumph Road" (Triumph) voyage in the Gulf of Mexico, the engine room fires, resulting in lost power cruise, drifting at sea, thousands of passengers trapped many days, finally being towed back to the United States.

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