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Around the World 4750000 top tourist are you going?

/ Author: Yan media reporter Chen Jiaying Taipei

The ideal is to have your life cars, mansions? Or enjoy different life through travel experience? Around the world and in 10 regions, nine major themes, 50 top travel, with the most luxurious way to Explore the world's top tourist realize the dream. There are those who played the ultimate luxury tourism slogan launched asking price of NT $ 4.75 million top Around the World in 80 days trip, the flagship full business class, top accommodation, Michelin feast, strict selection of the season, professional double team leader, limited 15 seats in January 2013 departure, is to give the top layer of new passenger pleasure experience.

Such luxury trip covers: Top cruise to explore the Antarctic, glass house watching the northern lights, the Brazilian carnival, visit the mysterious lines that ska, Easter Island, India 加马丘比丘. There Amazon jungle adventure, Iguazu Falls, South Iraq, Australia Ayers Rock, Rose City of Petra in Jordan, the Dead Sea, the Egyptian pyramids, India Taj Mahal, Burj Dubai, and Silversea Cruises cruise southern Europe, North Africa Morocco, Casablanca and more. In addition to appealing attractions, full high specification: international sector throughout the business class lounge privileges, accommodations around the best selection of hotels, resorts manor and castle palace; meal is scheduled Michelin restaurant and local cuisine. In the southern part of the Antarctic and also with top pair Cruises Silversea Cruises Silver Explorer ─ SILVERSEA Pathfinder and Silver Wind Silver Wind numbers.

Such a trip down, not only the world's major theme attractions have been visited, there will not be problems tiring journey, ideal for retired seniors or financially strong prime participants. But this money can not necessarily be attended to, the industry shouted limited 15 seats in the past, homogenous product sales experience, almost all of the shelves was a spike demonstrates that Taiwan's top demographic spending power should not be underestimated. Around the World in 80 days this time, will also be open to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the three places to buy, industry estimates with confidence, "spike" pomp will reappear.

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