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Carnival group (Carnival Group) is the world's largest and most successful cruise company listed on the United States last year, up 52 percent global market share. So far, the company has more than 90, 000 full-time employees, total assets of $ 39.2 billion (approximately 3, 057.6 million), the latest market capitalization of $ 20.7 billion (approximately 1, 614.6 million). In addition to its namesake Carnival Cruise immediate 25 luxury cruise, there are subsidiaries of 11 internationally renowned luxury cruise ship huge fleet of hundreds of brands, does have a rival's momentum.

Group "Happy Boat (Fun Ship)" as the business philosophy, emphasizing the dynamic American merriment. Carnival's total of 11 well-known international cruise brands, in addition to the group of the same name Carnival Cruise Lines (Carnival Cruise Lines) fleet, and includes a Holland America cruise (Holland America), Princess Cruises (Princess Cruises), Queen Cruise (Cunard Line) and Costa Cruises (Costa Cruises Line), P & O Cruises, AIDA Cruises (AIDA Cruises), Iberian cruise (Ibero Cruises), and even go over the top line of stellar wind Cruise (Windstar Cruises), Xi Bao cruise ship (Seabourn Cruise Line) and other 11 international cruise company's brand, a total number of nearly 100 cruise of the public.

Carnival cruise industry is a star, no long history, was able to rely on innovation and capital operation to fight today's largest cruise group. Carnival Cruise Lines is currently listed in the U.S. Carnival group founded company, founded in 1972, is the founder Ted Arison.

Rich program equipped

Carnival Cruise seventies as the birth stage, the company relies on short-range cruise line that year, together with the Las Vegas 風格 decor and ambience, and a low price, and quickly occupied the international cruise market. So far removed, Carnival group name alone had 25 Carnival Cruise fleet sailed around the world. The boat has a variety of cuisine, rich entertainment, duty-free shops, bars and clubs, as well as luxury theater play movies, sports events, concerts and a variety of exciting programs.

The cruise route, the Carnival Cruise Lines, Queen Cruise with Princess Cruises fleet average tonnage of large, mostly in between 70, 000 to 130, 000 tons, the style is American, the ship's design is also more to the lively, youthful-based, suitable for Like take the ship's passengers; Costa Crociere from 5 tons to 10 tons and recent large hull, emphasizing Italian style; Holland America cruise is more of 4.7 tons of medium-sized vessels, and belongs to European style, emphasizing the more refined services, but also more calm. Fleet, the current Costa Crociere series 15, series 25 Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Holland America Series 17 Series 14 and other cruise.

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