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Carnival Cruises is the company with the largest fleet and carrying a greater number of passengers on board their ships. Sleep came to convert a line of transatlantic crossings on a cruise company accessible to more people, in order to break the elitism cruise hitherto reserved to people with high purchasing power to bring them to a greater number of people .

Known as "The most popular cruise line in the world", Carnival is the perfect recipe for a relaxing fun filled vacation. Visit exotic locations in the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexican Riviera and Alaska.

Their boats stand out with superb facilities and call these the "Fun Ships": outdoor activities, waterslide, hot tubs, sports ... and for activities under the program "Camp Carnival" and "Club O2" They also have an excellent kitchen with a flexible schedule due to "Total Choice Dining". For the most demanding is the Restaurant "Supper Club" in which a reservation is required.

Carnival Cruise Lines

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