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The preference shipping company is a leader in the cruise industry after more than 40 years of experience in tourism sits as one of the major cruise lines. Today it is considered one of the major shipping companies in Europe.

Madrid Pullmantur began organizing tours and tour packages around the capital for later, and after a reasonable growth, start doing it at European level. Year after year the cruise has since improved itself and innovate with new and attractive tourism products becoming weight a company in the sector nationally and standing alongside the most advanced in Europe.

In the nineties, at a good time for the shipping which was constantly growing, innovated with charter flights leaving from Spain to the Mexican Pacific. Ending the decade preference had already been introduced to the world of cruising. At this time this type of tourism had high prices enjoyed it so that only a select upper class. The preference shipping company managed to break with that situation by offering cruise itineraries for Hispanic customers at an affordable price by adding the concept of all-inclusive trips by sea.

With this upgrade the shipping began to grow reaching today have up to six ships: Sovereign, Empress, Horizon, Zenith, Ocean Dream and Bleu de France. Each is equipped with the best and most complete facilities. Fine restaurants, entertainment, sports and relaxation, cabins in detail and everything you need to make your trip an unforgettable experience no lack of detail.

After settling in cruise tourism, airline preference creates its Pullmantur Air in 2003. Thus, apart from expanding its market, complements the cruise industry with flights to cities with ports of departure or arrival. The airline has a fleet of four Boeing 747-400.

After three years, in 2006, the U.S. cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Pullmantur acquired the group in full, Pullmantur Cruises, Pullmantur Air and Paditour. This will create a strong and solid support for the company continuing its expansion.

Over the years preference has been growing strong and safe keeping today Pullmantur Cruises, Pullmantur Air, Caribbean Destination and Circuits. A wide range of possibilities to make your holiday a unique experience. With a large number of routes covering the main tourist areas.

Pullmantur offers a trip to your needs and a variety to choose from so you can customize your trip to suit your taste and needs. Traveling with this shipping get the best service and unrivaled facilities filled with luxury, safety and comfort.

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