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Carnival Cruise Line is currently testing the introduction of an all-inclusive drinks package that reported Cruise Critic . The "My Awsome Bar Program" proud costs $ 42.95 per person per day plus 15 percent gratuity and includes many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but may not be more expensive than $ 10 on the bar menu.

Update: The name of the beverage package has now been changed to "Cheers".

The package costs recorded almost $ 350 for a 7-night cruise per person including tip. For other shipping companies such drinks packages are far more favorable: "Allegrissimo Premium" at MSC costs 42 euros per day (but including premium alcohol, coffee and ice), the "Allegrissimo" package for 23 euros includes a limited selection of alcoholic and non -alcoholic beverages. Costa 's "Ultra All Inclusive option" costs 20 € (limited to all drinks up to 7.50 EUR single price), Celebrity Cruises required for the "Premium Package" around 43 euros (drinks to 12 dollars) and for the " Classic Package "just under 35 euros ($ 5 beers and other alcoholic beverages to 8 dollars).

As is usual with other cruise lines with beverage packages "My Awsome Bar Program" for all adult passengers (over 21) is a cabin booked at the same time. Beverage bar menus with a price of about $ 10 are not covered by the package - for those beverages, including wine bottles, but there are 25 percent off - a feature not found in any other line of beverage packages that way.

The test of the beverage package currently runs on the Carnival Victory and will be introduced fleet-wide, if successful, according to the report.

Update: as of December 2012, is now available on 13 Carnival ships, the Cheers Beverage package.

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